Xtreme Effects LLC 

Gun sales and Custom finishes


Due to the fact that most anything can be refinished, it would be impossible to list prices for everything. We can provide price guidelines for some standard items that can be found below. Most other non-standard items will be billed at a rate of 50 cents per square inch for items under 500 square inches. Jobs over 500 square inches will be billed at a rate of 35 cents per square inch for standard finishes. A shop minimum of $100 is required for all jobs other than jobs with preset prices found below. Please contact us for a price quote on your item, or for more information. You have the option to drop off your project in person with an appointment to avoid high shipping costs. Firearms are expensive to ship due to regulations. If you choose to have us ship your firearm or other item back to you when finished please add a return shipping fee to your total.

Return Shipping fees 

Standard firearm or bow box  $18

Overnight shipping (standard box)  $60

Overnight shipping (handgun)  $40

Hardcase fee (additional)  $5

Required insurance on return shipping $1 per $100 of package value. (example $400 value would be $4.00 fee)

Again, due to the fact almost anything can be dipped these fees may not cover your shipment. If your shipment is large and non-standard you will be charged the extra shipping cost for your package. If your shipping balance is more than the set fee, the balance will be due before your package will be returned to you. Please contact us if you have questions regarding shipping.

 Extra charges may apply depending on custom work you may want done, or extra work required on parts to be refinished.  

Apply candy clear coat- add 20%

Texture removal from part- add 20%

Stripping of old finishes- billed at $60 per hour

Cleaning of excessively dirty parts- billed at $60 per hour

Disassembly of parts prior to refinishing- billed at $60 per hour


Complete Shotgun (stock, forearm, receiver, barrel)                                             $200

Stock and forearm                                                                                               $110

Barrel                                                                                                                   $75

Receiver                                                                                                              $65

Tactical Firearms

(AR-15 Type)

Complete AR-15                                                                                                  $230

Buttstock, handguard, pistol grip, upper receiver, lower receiver, and barrel.

Two piece receiver set                                                                                         $110

Upper receiver                                                                                                    $65

Lower receiver                                                                                                    $65

Handguard                                                                                                         $65 and up

Price depends on length and complexity 

Buttstock                                                                                                           $75 and up

Depends on complexity

Magazines                                                                                                           $40


Complete Rifle                                                                                                    $175

Stock, barrel, and receiver

Stock                                                                                                                 $110

Scope rings                                                                                                        $40

Scopes   At owners risk                                                                                      $75 and up

All scopes must include a completed waiver form. Click Here


Revolvers                                                                                                           $140

Semi Auto                                                                                                           $150
Grips                                                                                                                   $40