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Gun sales and Custom finishes

Ordering and shipping instructions

Ordering instructions

Once you have a firearm or other item you would like hydrodipped, you can download an order form by clicking here.

1.  Decide what you would like decorated. From a complete package to individual parts or pieces.

2.  Choose a pattern  and basecoat color for your project.
        * Basecoat color can be selected independently from film pattern to change the look of the finished product. We list colors that work best with the individual films. If your not sure a color will look good with a film please feel free to contact us for advice.

3.  Select a clear coat option to protect your new finish.
        * Standard clear options include Hi gloss, Semi flat, and matte finishes.  Standard options are automotive quality clears. They will have the same durability and scratch resistance as the finish found on cars. They are very durable but can be scratched if abused.
        * For an extra durable finish on firearms we can also apply Cerakote MC-161 ceramic clear. For this option please add 15%.  This clear is designed for firearm use and is much more scratch resistant. Matte finish only on this option.

4.  Select a payment option.
        * If you wish to pay by check or money order, please contact us for a exact amount and include payment with your shipment.
        * if you wish to pay by credit card, please select that option on the order form but do not include card info in shipment.  Once we receive your shipment we will contact you for card information. That way if something happens to your package in transit your info will be safe.

5. Decide if you will pick up your item when done or have us return ship the item.
        * Return shipping fees can be found in the pricing section under the custom finish menu.  Or you can Click Here.
        * Insurance on your return shipment is required. Fees  for insurance can also be found in the pricing section.

6.  Print and fully complete the Order form found at the top of this page with all information and include with your shipment.

Packaging your shipment

All prices given are for disassembled and clean firearms and parts.  It is important to make sure all disassembly needed prior to refinishing your firearm or part is done prior to shipping to avoid additional charges.  Feel free to contact us with questions about what needs to be disassembled on your item prior to shipment. 

1. Completely disassemble, and clean excessively dirty parts.

        * Failure to properly disassemble your firearm or part may cause an additional fee of $60 per hour for Xtreme Effects to do for you.

        * If you are not sure how to completely disassemble your firearm please consult your local gunsmith for help prior to shipping. Xtreme Effects LLC does offer limited disassembly services at a rate of $60 per hour. Since some firearms require special tools or procedures for disassembly you must receive prior approval from Xtreme Effects LLC for this service prior to shipping.  All disassembly will be at our discretion. If you ship something not disassembled, or receive prior approval but have misrepresented the work that needs to be done your firearm may be returned to you without being refinished at your shipping cost.

        * Please clean parts to the best of your ability. Parts must be cleaned and degreased prior to refinishing for a proper finish. If the parts are excessively dirty we may impose an additional fee of $60 per hour for cleaning.

2.  Only include parts to be refinished in your shipment.

        *Please keep extra parts and hardware that are not being refinished.  We don't decorate mechanical or moving parts like firing mechanisms and action bolts without special approval, so you don't need to include them in the shipment.

3.  Individually wrap parts to be shipped.

        * To insure your parts are safe during shipment, each part should be wrapped individually in protective foam or bubble wrap.

4.  Pack individually wrapped parts into a secure shipping box.

         * Parts should be packed into a secure shipping box and any extra air voids should be filled with packing material like bubble wrap.  When done your parts should fit snugly and not be able to move around inside the box. Keep in mind that your shipper might not be very careful with your package.

5.  Be sure you include your order form describing the work to be done.

         * If your order includes a scope to be refinished, it must also include a scope waiver form before we will start the process.  


Shipping your package

Xtreme Effects LLC is a federally licensed firearms dealer or FFL. This gives you the ability to ship a firearm directly to us without a middle man. We can also ship your firearm directly back to you in most cases. We can only return the firearm to the same person at the same address as it was shipped to us from. We will follow all federal, state, and local laws regarding the shipment of firearms. Please contact us with shipping questions. You can always drop off your firearm in person with an appointment to avoid the high costs of shipping firearms. 

1.  Make sure your package includes all parts to be refinished, and your completed order form, and scope waiver if necessary.

2.  If you have not already done so, please contact us at this point about your shipment.

       * By contacting us we can provide information about the turnaround time on your project once we receive it (usually about two weeks).

       * We can also advise you if the film you want for your project is in stock, and ready for a quick turn around.

       * We can also make sure you don't have any surprise charges and know exactly how much your project will be before shipment.

3.  Select a payment option.

       * We accept money orders, personal checks and credit cards.

       * If you desire a money order or personal check for payment you will need to include these with your shipment. If you choose to use a personal check your shipment will not be returned until your check has cleared.

4.  Be sure the shipper you have chosen is aware your package contains firearms.

        * Some shippers have special rules about shipping firearms.  Other shippers will not ship packages containing firearms.  It is up to you to follow your shippers rules.

        * Do not mark on the outside of the package that it contains firearms unless instructed by the shipper to do so. Its best to not have people along the way know what's in the box. Again, follow your shippers rules.

5.  Please insure your shipment for the full value of the package contents through the shipper.  

        *The package is your responsibility until we sign for it so please check with your shipper for their terms and conditions.  We will not return ship your package to you without insurance. This is the reason we ask for the replacement value of your shipment on the order form.

6.  Please note

        * We will contact you before return shipping your package so you have a general idea of when it will arrive.

        * When we return your package it will require an adult signature for delivery. 

        * Your firearm will Not be reassembled before it is returned. Pieces will be wrapped individually in the package for their protection. If you are unable to reassemble your firearm please consult a gunsmith or contact us for limited reassembly.

        *When your package is returned to you check the condition of the package before signing for it.  If the package is damaged you need to have delivery person note the damage before you sign for it, to prove the damage happened during shipping. You may need to open the package in the presence of the delivery person if it is damaged so be sure to ask what the process is before they leave.

7. Ship package. 

                          Xtreme Effects LLC

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        * Our FFL number is 5-48-04070. For your peace of mind you can double check company info at the ATF website, using their FFL ez check system. The ATF website is WWW.atf.gov