Xtreme Effects LLC 

Gun sales and Custom finishes

Firearm Sales

Xtreme Effects is a federally licensed firearms dealer and gunsmith, or FFL.  This gives us the ability to not only work on your gun, but also sell new and used firearms as well. While we don't stock a large supply of new guns, we can have most guns in a few days from our suppliers. If you know what you are interested in then we would be happy to give you a price quote. Most times we can beat our competition. Xtreme Effects LLC will follow all Federal, State, and local laws regarding firearm sales. A background check is Federally required for all firearm sales and transfers. If you would like to purchase a firearm online from our website please contact us. Online sales are possible however we will not be able to ship your firearm directly to you according to federal law. If you make an online purchase of a firearm it will have to be shipped to a licensed FFL dealer near you in order for you to have a background check performed prior to taking possession of the firearm. Please note that the FFL dealer may charge a transfer fee in order to do the paperwork associated with the transfer. Please check around and select the FFL dealer you want to deal with before we ship the firearm.