Xtreme Effects LLC 

Gun sales and Custom finishes

At Xtreme Effects we specialize in a process called Hydrographics. This process is also known by other trade names such as camo dipping, water transfer printing, water immersion printing, and others.  Hydrographics can be applied to almost any 3D object. As a general rule, if an item can be painted and immersed in water it can be dipped. Hydrographics have been used for decades in the automotive industry for things like woodgrain dashes. The firearm and sporting goods industry have also used this process for camouflage finishes on most everything.


    So what is the process for Hydrodipping? It starts with disassembly and cleaning of the part if necessary. The part is then media blasted to remove old finishes and prepare the part for the new finish. The part is then primed and a color basecoat is applied. The color of the basecoat is determined by what final look the customer desires. We then cut to the correct size the customers choice of film. The films are preprinted with dozens of designs from camouflage to carbon fiber, and everything in between. The film is then placed in a tank of temperature controlled water where it floats on the surface. The film is then sprayed with an activator that causes the film to dissolve leaving the liquified ink floating on the waters surface. The part is then slowly immersed into the water through the ink. This causes the ink to wrap around and stick to the part. After the part has been rinsed and dried, it is top coated with an automotive grade clear coat to provide strength and durability.